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cap mould

​cap mould

full automatic bottle blowing machine

full auto bottle blowing machine

hand feeding automatic bottle blowing machine

hand feeding auto bottle blowing machine

 semi auto bottle blowing machine

Ocean float blowing machine


PET preform

Preform mould

air compressor

Air compressor and Auxiliary machine


         Shinewe Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. located in

Huangyan, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province of China,

SHINEWE  specialized in the area of blow molding

machine and PET preform moulds, mainly offering the

clients full-automatic bottle blowing machine, hand

feeding blow molding machine,semi-automatic blow

molding machine, auxiliary machines(such like the  air

compressor, the air dryer, the air chiller, air tank, air filter, color mixture, auto loader, hopper dryer,

plastic crusher, packing machine  ), PET preform moulds, blowing moulds, injection mould, PET preforms ,plastic product etc.

       SHINEWE Machine always insist the faith of building the world famous brand for PET packaging machinery, help you start PET bottle manufacturing business in shortest time, and continues to work hard for this booming market.

shinewe machine factory
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