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The composition and structure of the mould

Although the structure of mould is changeable due to the variety and performance of plastics, the shape and structure of plastic products, and the type of injection machine, the basic structure is consistent. The mold is mainly composed of the pouring system, the temperature regulating system, the molding parts and the structural parts. The gating system and molding parts are in direct contact with the plastic parts and products as plastics and change, is the most complex in the mould, the biggest change, part of the processing requirements of the highest accuracy and smoothness.


The injection mold consists of two parts: dynamic mold and fixed mold. The movable mould is installed on the mobile template of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mould is installed on the fixed template of the injection molding machine. In the injection molding, the dynamic and fixed die closed form the gating system and the mold cavity, and the moving and fixed modes are separated to remove the plastic products. In order to reduce the heavy work of mould design and manufacture, most of the injection mould has adopted the standard mold frame.

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