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What should be paid attention to on the storage of Pet preforms

We are not unfamiliar to the PET preforms, It is intermediate between plastic materials and plastic bottles, in batch production when the need for these intermediates are simple storage, here we take a look at these intermediates need to pay attention to what in the storage time?

PET preforms

The PET preforms is not a fragile thing, but in the store is also need to pay attention to, can not stick to storage, it will make it get a lot of dirty things, these in later time is inside the bottle into the stain, not good-looking, although does not affect the use, but always give a person a kind of inferior material feeling, so be stored off the ground, there is a note to avoid placing the sun long time exposure, this will make the side of it is extremely fragile, will fade, not producing the products, it can not continue to use the variable.

In general, the PET preforms is a better material for storage, and the material causes it to be insulated for a lot of damage.

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