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2L 6 cavity full automatic PETstretch blow molding machinery

2升 一出六 全自动吹瓶机


                 SHINEWE MACHINE SPECUnitSW2L-6
瓶子最大容量Max.Container VolumeL2
理论产量Theoretical OutputB.P.H5000
腔数Number Of CavityCavity6
加热间距Heating Distancemm114.3
最大瓶口直径Max.Neck Diametermm45
最大瓶子直径Max.Container Diametermm106
最大瓶子高度Max.Container Heightmm330
瓶坯最大高度Max.Preform Height mm160
工作压力Working Pressurebar10
吹瓶压力Blowing Pressurebar30
机器尺寸Machine DimensionM5.6*2.1*1.98
机器重量Machine WeightKgs6000
上料机尺寸Feeder SizeM2*1.2*2.7
上料机重量Feeder WeightKgs200



Note:Due to our commitment on going technological progress,we reserve the right of technical alternatives without prior notice! 


  • Huangyan China  中国 黄岩

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